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Celebration Guns

November 19, 2016

Celebration Guns is a full-time hobby... and yet so much more. It's the combination of nostalgia, energy, complexity and joy. Rising from the vast Arizona landscape that has produced bands like Jimmy Eat World and Dear And The Headlights, Celebration Guns’ sound borrows from elements of dream pop, indie rock, and noise pop. The band’s tireless effort to blend these styles together has resulted in deceptively complex music that’s catchy and filled with hooks. Rarely able to sit still, their music stretches genres while retaining an undeniable pop charm.


April 16, 2016

College found the members of MRCH immersed in the worlds of jazz, opera and specialty coffee. Fast forward three years and two bands later, the trio has settled into a unique brand of indie electronic tunes. Their debut track, Validation, seemingly plopped the trio right in the middle of a John Hughes film. CMJ described their second endeavor, Highway Drivin’ as – “…a big, squashy, glitter-glam beat and ice queen crooning”. MRCH holds high the principle of recreating their music live; often performing songs that are still being written, allowing their sound to evolve as “organically as possible.” MRCH is currently touring by way of west coast and set to release their vibe-y new single, Spin.

The Senators

December 3, 2016

Following their debut release, the Senators showcased in major US markets, opened for Phillip Phillips and other national acts, were licensed for overhead play in all N. America Starbucks locations and were featured on Billboards Next Big Sound charts. The band is currently preparing a series of singles and videos from their upcoming sophomore release, Battle Hymns.