As we all know, the spirit of the season is all about friends and family and everything wintery and fun! Although our Street Food Cinema season may have ended for the year, we’re embracing the holiday spirit by extending our holiday deal. So if you’re still scrambling to find that perfect stocking stuffer or gift for your pals and significant others, look no further!

Grab a 2018 SFC GIFT CERTIFICATE or SEASON PASS and save on tickets to any show throughout San Diego! They’re cheaper than buying tickets online or at the door. Discounted rates available until January 1st so grab yours while you can and we’ll catch you under the stars in the new year, enjoying all the films we love, and you love, at a night of Street Food Cinema.

From the last week of April until the end of October, Street Food Cinema is your ticket to entertainment every Saturday night so join us at any or all of our locations around San Diego.

Gift Certificates and Season Passes are valid for the 2018 outdoor season. They are not valid for Street Food Cinema: Special Edition, Overnight, Street Food Cinema Elevate, and Yuletide Cinema.

Up and coming local bands!

Your favorite food trucks in the LA area!
Get discounted tickets for the 2018 summer season! Deal ends January 1st, 2018 at midnight.
  • Advance Ticket Info
  • One (1) GA Ticket $11
    One (2) GA Tickets $17
    One (1) Season Pass $45
  • Door Ticket Info
  • Time
  • Holiday deal ends on Sunday, January 1st at 12am. Holiday Deal Discounted tickets not available for upgrades.
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