Can I buy my tickets at the door at the event?

If tickets are available, yes, you can buy tickets at the door. Cash only. Door ticket sales begin at 6pm.  PLEASE NOTE:  Advance ticket holders enter first. If there are is a large amount of advance ticket holders, cash door may be held to ensure we have enough space for ticket holders.

Best Solution: Buy tickets in advance so that you are guaranteed entrance. If the event is sold out or close to selling out, we will update status on FACEBOOK and TWITTER for “sold out” status.

Why do advance ticket holders enter first?

We have limited space on the field.

Do I have to RSVP? What does that mean? Why?

If you are a voucher holder (e.g. from Living Social) or season pass holder, we ask that you RSVP so that we can get a head count for the night. This allows us to book the right amount of food trucks.  Your voucher is valid as your ticket. If for some reason you forget to RSVP, you will not be denied admission.

What is the seating like?

“Seating” is on a beautiful grass field.

What is “Reserved Seating” and does that include a chair?

Reserved seating is an area in the front of the field reserved for Reserved Seating ticket holders, so you can arrive at any time. We do not provide chairs, however, you can bring a chair and sit in the designated chair area for that section.  Please refer to this General Event Seating Layout based on Exposition Park.

Is parking included with ticket purchases?

No. Parking is not included. At our primary location, Exposition Park, parking is owned by the park. We do not manage the parking.  Most locations also have street parking available.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, we are 100% dog friendly!

*The only location that does not allow dogs is Grand Hope Park.

Why should I buy tickets in advance? Are tickets available at the door?

Purchasing tickets in advance guarantees admission. We also book food trucks based on advance ticket sales and projected audience size. If space allows, tickets are available at the door.  Please check FACEBOOK and TWITTER for “sold out” status.

We have a really large group for a (birthday party, proposal, just because we have a lot of friends...) can we get a special group discount?

Of course, for parties over ten, you can reserve directly with the office here.

Are you booking more food trucks?

We are constantly adding food trucks throughout the season. We often add them up until the day of the event based on projected audience size.

I have a food truck, band, idea, etc. How can I get involved with your event?

Awesome! Just contact us here.

What type of screen, projection and sound do you use?

Our cinema quality picture and sound is provided by CommCinema, the only outdoor movie provider in the Western U.S. to provide true high-definition DLP projection for every screening. Screen 52' wide x 35' high with image 40' wide x 22' high. CommCinema is highly-respected in Hollywood and has produced Awards Season screenings for films such as The Artist, Hugo and The Hurt Locker.

I’ve never been to an outdoor movie. What should I bring?

We recommend blankets, pillows, hoodies and snacks or your own picnic.

Do I have to buy a ticket if I want to come for just the band, just the food trucks or just the movie?

Yes, each ticket is a general grounds fee that provides access to all three including additional amenities.

Do you have wheelchair accessible restrooms?

Yes, of course. And we keep them clean, too!

Refunds? I bought a ticket and now I can’t use it for the night I purchased it for.  Can I get a refund? 

We are happy to reallocate your ticket for any other night in our schedule.  Just let us know ahead of time.  If you need a refund, we will be happy to consider that as well.

Refunds must be requested no later than 24 hours prior to the event.  

Can children attend? 

Yes, of course!  Children under 12 are $5.  Children under 5 are free.  Please consult movie ratings to gauge appropriate content.  To help further define general MPAA ratings, we also recommend Common Sense Media to evaluate the level of nudity, violence and profanity.

Can I bring a child to a movie that is Rated R?

We don’t recommend it. Children must be accompanied by an adult.  To help further define general MPAA ratings, we also recommend Common Sense Media to evaluate the level of nudity, violence and profanity.   

Can I bring a picnic?  Outside food and beverages?

Absolutely!  And we’ll always have tasty food trucks with hot, delicious food ready to serve as well.  Please refrain from bringing coolers over 9 quarts.

Can I bring a chair?

No chairs over 6 inches off the ground please. All chairs are required to be in the designated chair section along the sides of the field to allow for all guests to see.

Are food truck lines crazy long?

We try to book trucks for the amount of people we expect, but that can vary.  Definitely bring snacks, just in case you have a little bit of a wait.

Do you have any control over food truck service?

Nope. All food trucks are owned and operated independently.

This is such a cool event. How can I get Street Food Cinema to come to our city?

We’re always open to cities and locations. Just contact us here.

What other events have you done?

Our team has produced and co-produced a wide variety of events in cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York including invitation-only, red carpet soirees and benefits.  Check out our website at

Are you affiliated with any other outdoor movie events?

Presently, Street Food Cinema is the ONLY outdoor movie series produced by TIL Lifestyle Marketing + Events. We are not affiliated with any other outdoor movie productions.

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